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What's your education? you can't live of making youtube videos at this pace. I mean, your channel is good, but it isn't ground breaking nor does it contribute anything new, other than your own opinion of things. Unlike other channels like mental floss, scishow, sxephil, etc. Don't get me wrong, I've donated in the past and i think it's fair that you receive an economic gratification out of your videos. But recently i have the impression you're becoming lazy and have little ambitions in life.


I already live off of making youtube videos.

I am not sure exactly what your goal in this post was except to throw out some anonymous criticisms. I am not sure what makes you think I’m “becoming lazy and little ambitions in life”, or why you’d ever think you know me well enough or have enough inside information about my life to even make that kind of judgment.

I don’t claim that my videos are “groundbreaking,” but it’s a bit ridiculous to imply that something has to be ‘groundbreaking’ in order for you to make money from it. lol? One of my friends is an accountant. Hardly “groundbreaking”, but it pays her quite well.

Even in terms of YouTube, there are thousands of creators who make YouTube videos for a living, I’d say maybe about 1% of them can be considered “groundbreaking”.

All in all this ask is intriguing to me because I’m not sure if you think you’re actually giving me constructive criticism even though you  kind of have no idea what you’re talking about; or if you’re just trolling me super hard and just wanted to give me shit anonymously.

Thank you for donating in the past though ^_^



theres a difference between shipping and being fucking insane

this applies to both tumblr and

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14 year olds that are “hardcore” Nsync fans. Seeing them once on the vmas does not make you hardcore, fetus. You weren’t even born when they were owned by Disney.

*NSYNC wasn’t actually owned by Disney. They were owned by RCA and then Jive.

There are so many things wrong with the original post

where do i begin

“It’s states here on page 45, paragraph 2 in the Codex Nsync….” Lol :P

Jc and justin were owned by disney. You all missed the point that watching them once on the vmas isnt hardcore lol.

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